Pál Haszmann landscape museum: the material in the museum building depicts the most beautiful pieces of the Covasna county folk culture: szekely painted furniture, stove tiles, woven pieces, etc. The museum building is surrounded by open air exhibition, where one can see the restored, monumental szekely gates and the memories of folk building (houses, mills). In the yard there is an open air tomb sign-, tombstone- and carved headstone- collectionand a very rich exhibition of agricultural tools and machines.
Ika castle: the castle dates back to the XIIth century, and it stands on the Piscul Cetăţii (Várbérc), enclosed by the Nagy- and Ilka streams.
Once the mountain was crowned by a 200 meters long and 10 meters thick castle wall, with a round tower on each end. Today only one of the towers remains, and the castle wall also perished.


There are many legends about the castle and its building. There still lives a tradition among the millers in the region that in the catacombs beneath the tower treasure lies in bathtubs, which are guarded by two – a red and a black- angry roosters, and while one sleeps, the other is awake. If someone approaches the catacomb door, the guard rooster begins to crow, and the irond oor instantly slams shut.


(20 kms from Valea Seacă, half an hour by car)


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