The Mikes castle was built in the XVth century, Kelemen Mikes from Zagon, Ferenc Rákóczi II’s chief secretary spent his childhood here until the age of 10. The castle was transformed by Count Benedek Mikes in 1867. Several famous members of the Mikes family were born here, Count Imre Mikó, the Széchenyi of Transylvania, for one. The 34 hectare English park of the castle is an arboretum. In this park lies Count Kelemen Mikes patriot colonel, who fell at the siege of Sibiu, on 21st January, 1849.

The most monumental church fortified church is also here, with a XVIIth century painted ceiling.
The Csango Ethnographical Museum can be viewed in Zăbala, which has a unique collection and a gripping exhibition of the folk art of the Hungarians from Moldva, and their everydays. The traditional lifelines of the Hungarians from Moldva can be traced on the wear, craftsman products and the insides of the village’s rooms. On the same parcel there is an old szekely house in which a remarkably rich local historical collection is on display.

(25 kms from Valea Seacă, half an hour by car)


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