Its Roman Catholic fortified church is situated on the Perkő, which towers on the left side of Caşin. Its layout is so-called „scissors”, with four corner- and one gate tower.
The ruins of the Tarnóczy castle can be found on top of the Perkő, to which is linked Zsigmond Kemény’s novel „Widow and her daughter” (the Mikes boys from Zabola stole Sara). The St. Istvan chapel that dates back to the 13th century stands on the eastern side of the Perkő, and the ruins of the St. Antal chapel built by Mikes Antal are in the vicinity. Transylvania’s second biggest saint’s day is organized on 20th August, tho honour the memory of our country-founding father St. Istvan.


(6 kms from Valea Seacă, 10 mins by car)



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