Lăcăuţi (Lakóca)


Lăcăuţi is the highest point of Covasna, and it is at the same time the highest point of the Vrancea (Haromszék) mountains., close Covasna-Buzău-Vrancea triple county border.



Beyond Pilis there are the 5600 ft high Lăcăuţi mountains. The Zăbala (Zabola) stream springs up from here, which flows outward, and which marks the borderline for a while. On the western side of the Lăcăuţi springs the Bisca Mare (Nagy-Biszka), and on its southern side the Bisca Mică (Kis-Biszka), which, flowing towards the Buzău-Gorge, enclose the Cillanyos-mountain situated in the south-eastern tip of our country. All these valleys display the most beautiful sceneries of our alps, where at every step the visitor’s attention is caught by the wonders of the wild, and such ancient forests span it that, due to the lack of roads, could not even be made useful, but which, safe from destruction, stand in their ancient originality.”


Distance:(50 kms from Valea Seacă, by car until Comandău, then by bike and on foot.)


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