Buffogó muskeg


The Buffogo muskeg is situated in the mountain ridge between the Büdös-mountain and the Köztető, and it is the other curiosity of the region. It is a 1 hectar peat-bog with sour water, rich in upsurges of gas. The clear water patches of different sizes that are surrounded by territories of thick,  yielding sphagnum are fragmented by dense, constant and gushing upsurges of carbon dioxide and gas. Hence its name, too.


Gy It is situated among beautiful birch trees, though many trees have been felled in the last couple of years. Rare fossil-plants live here, from which we could mention the narrow-leaved wool-sedge, the round-leaved dew-grass, the peat-rosemary, the mamorka, the Siberian ashflower. I would like to underline the round-leaved dew-grass from the lot, which is an absolute rarity, as it is a carnivorous plant. There is a mineral water spring in the vicinity of the Buffogo muskeg.


(near Balvanyos)


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