The castle from Peleş Valley, the most majestic castle of Transylvania, the summer residence of the Romanian kings was built in the time of I. Carol (1866-1914) and it has become one of XIXth century Europe’s important monuments. Several other buildings have also been built beside the castle on the territory bought by the king, like the Pelişor-castle, the house of the bodyguards, the Econamat, the Foişor Hunting House, the stables, the electric power station and the Sipov manor. The hunting house was built first, so the royal couple lived there until they finished construction on the castle (1883). Thanks to the local power station the Peleş was the first castle in Europe that was entirely lit by electricity.


If we visit Sinaia, beside the Peleş castle the Foişor Hunting House is worth visiting, too. The 43-room hunting house was a favourite place of the Romanian kings. It was finished before the Peleş castle, so until the completion of that, King Carol and Queen Elisabeta lived here. But King Ferdinand and Queen Maria also lived here until the completion of the castle.
Further sights: the Pelişor castle, the Casino building, the monastery from Sinaia, the King’s stations, the Economat- and the House of the Bodyguards.


(110 kms from Valea Seacă, 1.5 h drive by car)


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