Bran lies 27 kms south-west from Braşov, Predeal and Simon belong to it. The castle defended one of the most important passes of the Southern Carpathians. The castle of Bran stands on a 100m high mountain in front of the Bran pass. It is one of Transylvania’s most well-reserved castles, its walls stand fully intact. Bran is considered the castle of Dracula – Vlad Ţepes. In 1918 it became the property of Queen Maria, who had it restored with Romantic additions. In this period it was a Romanian royal summer house. Today it is an outstanding sight of the region, a favourite spot for tourists. They say it’s one of the castles of Count Dracula, known from legends and horror films.


>(100 kms from Valea Seacă, 1 h 20 min. by car)


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