Corund is a famous potter-village in Harghita county, with iron and sulphur medical bath, and three mineral water springs. Sights:
Quarter of an hour from the village, along the Praid highway, 535 m above sea level stood the Corund bath, which was first mentioned in 1729, its 1890 owner was Gyula Gáspár, who built and modernized it much between 1892 and 1900. In 1938 the bath went bankrupt, its pine trees were felled, its buildings demolished. The place is called Árcsó today, which is famous for its salt well, spring sediments and mineral water springs.


In Corund we can see many beautiful, Szekler gates carved from wood, and there is a permanent fair from the products of the village beside the highway. The passers-by can always buy mementos here about their travel through Transylvania to their acquaintances, family members. The valuable artifacts enclose the traditions and the cultural values of Transylvania.

(130 kms from Valea Seacă, 1 hour 45 mins by car)


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