Niergeş Stone (Nyergestető)


The Niergeş Stone is the monument of the Sekler heroes fallen in the battle on 1st August 1849, and it is a pass that links the basin of Trei Scaune and the basin of Ciuc, between the Ciucului alps and the Turia-mountains. The ridge and pass situated at 895 m above sea level is the last defensible place against the troops invading from the Oituz pass. It was the place of countless battles in the times of the Turkish and Tatar invasions.


In the War of Independence of 1848-49 after the lost battle of Sighişoara (Segesvár) general Sándor Gál tried to gather and regroup his remaining troups. He entrusted the defence of the Niergeş Stone to 200 Sekler patriots led by János Tuzson, who fought back the several thousand Russian troops, the Kosaks several times on 1st August. Finally a Romanian shepherd led the Russians to the back of the defenders, thus the Sekler youths were defeated. Here lies the Cemetery of the Heroes, and below it the monument. Sándor Kányádi wrote in his poem about this battle: “in the end by trickery and treachery, they surrounded them by noon, no Szekely surrendered, like timber trees, they broke in half.”


Táv:(27 kms from Valea Seacă, 25 mins by car)


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