Ghimeş Region


The name Ghimeş originally means a place where there are many stags – based on the similarity in sounding. The valley was settled by refugees, partly from Ciuc, partly from Moldavia.

The Csangos from Ghimeş say that their ancestors took refuge in this forested region from military service, the origin of their name is linked to this too: Csango is the one who wanders away from the community. The Csangos explain by this wandering their clothing style too, similar to the Csangos from Moldavia.


Lunca de Sus (Gyímesfelsőlok): It is the first settlement of the Ghimeş valley, which spreads from the spring of the Trotuş (Tatros) to the Boros river. The most magnificent of the cliff formations of the Valea Gârbea (Görbepataka) settlement area is the cliff top named “Bagolyvar“ (Owl Castle) On special festive occasions sentry fires light the valley from here.
The House Built on a Cliff, built on Ugra valley is a true pride of the people of Felsolok. It was here that in the fall of 1994 Lajos Berszán, founder of schools and parish priest was instrumental in the starting of the Catholic Arpadhazi St. Erzsebet Lyceum, which houses four grades of pupils.

Ghimeş-Făget (Gyimesbükk): It is situated at the lower exit of the Ghimeş pass, at the „thousand year border” of Hungary. The name of the settlement has been known from 1600 as „Gijmes”, it is the oldest settlement of Ghimeş. Its old church was built in 1782, they have been leading a parish register there since 1785. The biggest Roman Catholic church of the settlement is the ”Great Church of Ghimeş”. It was built between 1974-1976, thanks to the tireless work of parish priest Gergely Dani.
At Ghimeş-Făget on the right side of the pass one can still see the ruins of the ”Rákóczi-castle” on the border, which wasn’t built by the Rákóczis, but by the monarch Gábor Bethlen. Later the Austrians fortified it on several occasions. It had the role of a sentry post, but it was linked to trade, rather than to the military.


(about 100 kms from Valea Seacă, 1.5 hours by car)


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