It is a 4-km-long mountain pass carved by the Vârghiş stream in the northern part of the Perşanii de Nord (Rika)-mountain, which constitutes the Conservational Area of the Vârghiş-Pass. This is one of the greatest karst areas of Seklerland. From the period of the Ice-Age, the Vârghiş-stream dug out four systems of caves in the 4-km-long mountain pass. Until the present they have revealed 125 smaller (5-10 m) or bigger (10-1550 m) caveson four levels (5, 20, 40, 70-200 m) which are situated over the level of the current stream, having a total distance of 7410 m. The fifth cave level is presently still being developed by the stream (it is an active cave system).


The biggest and most well-known cave of the Vârghiş-Pass is the Mereşti (Almási)-cave (Balázs Orbán cave, Kőlik, Great Cave), the total distance of its passages is 1525 m. Four natural entrances are known to it, which open 20 m above the level of the stream.
Significant caves still are the Lőcsűr, Kőcsűr, the Dripstone, the Gábor, the Levis and the Active Caves.


(86 kms from Valea Seacă, 1.20 mins by car)


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