In the center of the parish there is a fortified church, whose towers and defensive walls were declared monuments. The church built in Romanesque style was later compelmented by Gothic elements, from which almost nothing remained due to the transformations before the First World War.

At nr. 82 there is a gate with a loft, which was built in 1806, and was declared a folk art monument.
The Apor manor-house situated in the settlement was allegedly built at the beginning of the XVIIth century, then it was complemented by Classicist style wings. The building has revealed XVIIth century wall frescos. It was here that Péter Apor wrote his work entitled Metamorphosis Transzlvaniae.

The biggest Sekler gate of the world is situated in Turia, it is 9.5 meters high and 15 meters wide.

Distance:14 km, 15 minutes


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