Recea birch


The Recea birch is a 15 square kilometer area covered with quicksand, which is hardly protected though, because the village possesses few pastures. The population of the villages surrounding the reservation divided the birch forest amongst themselves, so there is a Birch of Recea, Comolău (Komolló), Aninoasa (Egerpatak), and also Sântion (Szentivány). The strictly protected area is a mere 2,5 square kilometers.
Almost 100 smaller lakes gleam among the sand dunes even today, however, most of them have already been invaded and are slowly being conquered by swamp flora.

On the edge of the Recea birch, on the right side of the highway there is an obelisk with tulips, which was built by Ferenc Pál in 1941, to honour the memory of the 24th foot soldier regiment.
A few hundred meters from the spot lies a vast, artificial lake. This is the Recea-lake.

(30 kms from Valea Seacă, 30 minutes by car)


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