The countryside surrounding our pension gives you the opportunity to do sports, keep up your health, get to know traditional crafts, or simply to relax far from the noise of the big city and the constant running.

Outdoor activities:
If you wish to get to know the surrounding countryside, but are in no mood to walk for hours, you can take a forest tour at us even on horseback. This counts not only as a pleasant leisure activity, but is also a sporting opportunity to help keep up your health.
For those who like adrenaline, true adventures, roaming and getting to know the pine forest, the forest paths by enduro, ATV can give an exciting experience.
Are you interested in the military culture of our ancestors? Try archery, the basis of the most ancient military culture of the Hungarians.

You have probably not sat on a traditional horse cart yet, but at us you can try even that. In case you visit us in winter, this experience will be all the more unforgettable, since there is hardly a better way to spend a winter afternoon than to drive through the settlement by horse sleigh, then to warm up beside a cup of hot wine at the pension hearth.
The clear-watered mountain stream that flows near the inn gives opportunity to many kinds of leisure and sport activities. In summer you can cool off in the natural bed of the stream, which is suitable for bathing. In this very same place our guests can go ice-skating in winter.
The surroundings of the pension are suitable for the practice of winter sports, skiing, sledging, snowboarding.
The ones who desire calmer, quiet relaxation, can choose fishing, since in our waters can be found the mountain trout, marna, balind, kavasz and crab. In winter you can fish in ice holes at the same place.
You have probably never had the opportunity to indulge in a special, still natural massage. Exploiting the natural resources you can be part of such a relaxing, program, working your whole body, which not even the best equipped salons are able to give you. All this is a very simple, free, natural waterfall-massage that can be enjoyed during bathing, which the whole family can try.

One of the highlights of the culinary world of Transylvania is the home-made bread with French fries, made in a traditional way. Not only that you can try this specialty at us, but you can also try the kneading of the bread and the traditional baking of the bread in the oven beside the mill.

Further program suggestions

    • visiting a peasant yard
    • the visiting and introduction of the village
    • the demonstration of folk crafts
    • gathering mushrooms
    • hiking in the surrounding mountains
    • bicycle tour
    • making hay, milking cows at the local farmers
    • visiting the shepherd’s lodge, sampling cheese and orda
    • traditional cutting of the pig (stabbing, scorching, processing...)

Program suggestions at the pension:

  • using the fitness center
  • in case of groups opportunities for the organization of events, programs
  • indulging in the quiet, the calm
  • insight into the mysteries of the Transylvanian cuisine
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