The mill

Near the pension is situated the almost 100-year-old mill, from which the pension got its name. The mill that has been active for nearly a century is recognized not only for its usefulness, but also for its unique antiquity in our region as well as its traditional method. According to the demands of our visitors, we demonstrate the way it works, and they can personally gain insight into its history.

The short description of the history of the mill

They began building the mill in 1922 and the work was finished in 1924. It functions with a FRANCIS type turbine, which is a greater source of power than a traditional water wheel. Inside there is a stone mill, with which they ground the grain used for making bread, then they sifted out the flour for the bread with a sieve. The mill was looked upon as modern in the ‘20s, because in those times the stone mill was replaced by two cylinders. (The big cylinder was manufactured in 1923, while the small one in 1912, in the GANZ factory in Budapest.) The curiosity of the mill is that all rotating axles spin on the original bearings and every machine is put into function by leather belts from the main axle that is rotated by the turbine. A direct current dynamo that was manufactured in 1916 in the GANZ factory is fitted into the mill, it generates 8 kw 110 wolt and 74 Ah electricity, with which the mill and the adjacent buildings were illuminated in earlier times. The mill has always been the property of the family, not even during socialization did it go into the state treasury, thanks to István Lukács senior’s care, who was in legal action with the state for 3 years. After the long period of court action he won the case and from 1965 the mill could continue its activity.

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