Bálványos castle


MIt is a high mountain-bath and resort at the meeting point of the Bodoc (Bodoki) -mountains, the Ciomat (Csomád) -mountain block and the Turia (Torjai) -mountain at 770 and 940 m above sea level. It is surrounded by forest-covered mountaintops about 1000 m above sea level. Because in the depth of the countryside is made of volcanic and sedimentary rock, the carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide gushing up helped at the formation of various mineral water springs. Because of their chemical components they are great for a drinking-cure – for the treatment of stomach- and intestinal diseases; for dry gas baths, the so-called „mofettas” and the natural bath-cures for the heart- circulatory diseases. The water, as well as the gas have relatively high natural radioactive level.


The namesake of Balvanyos is the Balvanyos-castle situated on the castle mountain. Today only a few ruins remind us of the once great castle. The castle was probably built in the 11th century by Sándor Apor. The ancient religion was still strong in the castle even in the Christian times, idolatry went on for a long time inside. Written documents have first mentioned its name in the 12-13th century as Baluanus, then in 1360 as Castrum Balwanus.


(30 kms from Szarazpatak, half an hour by car)


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