The Foul Cave of Turia


”Hell’s porch” is situated on the southern side of the Büdös-mountain, at an altitude of 1052 m. The 14-meter-long pit did not form naturally, it is the abandoned shaft of an old sulphur mine. The privilege of mining the sulphur belonged to Turia, situated 12 kms away, as is attested by the monarch’s warrants. Later the Büdös-cave came to be owned by the Apor barons from Turia. In 1892 Gábor Apor walled the cave with carved stones and also made a door to it, which was only open on appointed hours of the day, under constant surveillance. After the First World War the cave –with the surrounding bath resort- came to be owned by the lung-sanitarium, and its regular usage soon came to an end.


The cave is currently open to visitors, and it functions as a natural mofetta. Its entrance was filled up, rows of benches were assembled on both sides for the gas-bathers. Its walls are covered by yellow sulphur, which also shows the height level of the gas. One can get to the cave on the touristic path marked by red dots, which starts from the hotel.


(From Balvanyos on the road that leads toward Lake St. Anna)


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