Sovata, Praid


It is a resort known throughout Europe. Its greatest treasure is the Bear-lake situated in the valley gorge, which is the biggest heat-conserving lake of the country. Its shape resembles a laid-out bearskin, probably hence its name.Its water is concentrated saltwater, the amount of salt dissolved in the water is estimated to 66 thousand tonnes, its temperature varies according to layers. In certain areas it reaches 50-70 C degrees. One can hardly swim in the lake, because one simply floats on the concentrated salt water. The valley gorge that is home to the lake is especially wind-free, it is open in the southern direction, it has lots of sunlight, dust-free air, thus it offers undisturbed recreation. One of Transylvania’s most well-known salt mines is in Praid, and most of Transylvania’s springs are in this area. Its rare sight is the great salt cliff that rises above the mining settlement. A bust takes the visitors and asthmatic patients down into the mine. An asthmatic treatment center is set up inside. The other sight of the settlement is the mesothermic salt bath. The bath gains its waters from a 2200 meter deep-drill.


(140 kms from Valea Seacă 2 hours by car)


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