Băile Tuşnad


It is one of our most beautifully situated bath resorts, among wonderful pine forests 656 meters above sea level.  It has countless mineral waters and mofettas, these made it the ”Jewel of Transylvania”.
Its waters are useful as a drinking cure in case of digestive problems, lack of digestive acids, chronic intestinal disorders, liver and bile-diseases.The medical bath cures are used for the circulatory disorders, peripheric vein-problems, neurohormonal disorders, bladder- and nervous system diseases.


On the spot of the chapel of the settlement they built a modern Catholic church between 1985-1990, whose inner fitting shows the unique blend of modern and folk ornamentation.
Five well marked tourist paths lead to the sights of the region: the Ludmilla look-out (725 m), the Castle Top (1079m), the Hawk-Stone (824m), the St. Anna Lake and the Pilişca Mare (Nagy-Piliske).


(45 kms from Valea Seacă, 50 mins by car)


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