The Bicazului Pass has three main parts: Hell’s Gate, Hell’s Porch and Hell’s Throat. The Pass with its 200-300 meters high cliff walls is one of Europe’s rarities, and it is a paradise for mountain climbers. Almost all cliffs face towards the Bicaz stream with their vertical side, thus forming high walls. The surrounding mountain tops have an average of 1300 meters: Suhardul Mic – 1352 m, Făgetul Ciucului (Csíki Bükk) – 1267 m. The most rugged part of the pass is ”Hell’s Porch”.


The Altar Stone (1154 m) is the most spectacular cliff tower of the Bicaz Pass, whose gorge is called the Bicajelul (Kis-Békás) pass. The stream springs from under the ridge of the Tarcău-Stone, and it passes through a 20-km-long valley. The wildest part of the pass is between the Suhardul Mic-Stone and the Făgetul Ciucului.
The only known bigger cave of the pass is the Snowdrop-cave, whose 28 meter long and 26 meter wide hall was discovered by students. Its bottom was constituted by dripstone pools, the stalagmites crowding close togehter.


(140 kms from Valea Seacă, 2 hours by car)


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