The great range of the Făgăraşului alps is more than 70 kms as the crow flies, while its width surpasses 40 kms. Among the peaks and tops can be found eight of the fourteen mountain tops of Romania that exceed 2500 kms. Here is the Moldoveanu (2544 m), Negoiu (2535 m), Viştea Mare (2527m), Lespezi (2522m), Cornu Călţunului (2510m), Vânătoarea lui Buteanu (2507m), Hârtopu (2506m) and Dara (2500m), and further 42 peaks, whose tops are between 2400 and 2500 m. If we continue the list of extraordinary data, here is situated the densest water network of the country, it exceeds the value of 0.8 km/nkm. Here, in the glacial valley of Hartopul Leoatei is situated the highest formed lake of the country. The Mioarelor lies at an altitude of 2282 meters! The greatest lake of the mountain is the Bâlea, its stretch is 4.65 ha. The deepest glacial lake, with its 15.5 meters is the Podragu. The climate of the mountain is grim, with subpolar notes.

The Bâlea waterfall is situated at 1234 meters, on the northern side of the Făgăraşului alps, near the Transfăgărăşan highway, and it can be marvelled at from a distance, as no touristic route takes you to its immediate vicinity. The waters of Lake Bâlea plummets into a depth of 60 meters, so that it could then continue its way through many smaller, bubbling waterfalls toward milder countryside.
The Bâlea falls are situated on the southern side of the Făgăraşului alps, at an altitude of 169 meters, on the territory of Argeş county. The Bâlea lake is 5 kms from here.
The Vidraru dam that closes off the valley was built on the Argeş river in 1965. This was the first valley-closing arched dam of Romania, its height is 166,60 m, its length measured on the top is 305 m. The dam’s thickness is 25 meters at its base and 6 meters at the top. In optimal circumstances the stretch of the lake is 870 hectares, and the dam is able to contain 465 million cubic meters of water.
Furthermore, during the Transfăgărăşan trip the Poienari castle, as well as the Stan valley and the Curtea de Argeş are also worth visiting by all means.


(approximately 200 kms from Valea Seacă, 3 hours by car)


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